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Hello, my doves! This morning I reached 4,000 followers, and with great timing - tomorrow’s my 21st birthday, and in five days is this blog’s 6-month anniversary. This time has been really special so far, and I’m utterly thankful for having joined back in on Tumblr despite the fact I’m at the busiest point in my life so far (and have spent sad amounts of time here instead of paying attention or studying at university). I was able to share in the great countdown and grieving aftermath of HTTYD 2, which is the big highlight, but also every single day, being greeted with great posts on my dash, the kindest messages and comments and followers anyone could ask for — that’s what makes me stay here.

(Please note: I never got around to choosing the winners to my 2K Tumblr awards - I’m truly sorry about that. Realised after a while that the ‘award’ thing in general doesn’t sit well with me. In recompense, anyone who entered is (I still have the list) is free to ask me for free promos at any time, and any requests you ask of me will get priority. ;] )

Without further ado (bold ones are the guys I’m super fond of, even if we’ve never really interacted as much as we oughta have) - basically you’re all still amazing people which is why you’re here!:

ahhh daebae<33 congrats on 4k and i hope you have  WONDERFUL 21st birthday!!! 

Rapunzel + Daily lineup  

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FAVORITE MOVIES » The Croods (2013)
Never be afraid.

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" Hiccuppp I fail an exam again ,HELP "

Dreamworks University (x)

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"My name is Jack Frost.

How do I know that? The Moon told me so.

But that was all he ever told me.

And that was a long, long time ago.”

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RotG iPhone Wallpapers -❅- Free to Use!
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i literally dont talk to anyone unless they talk to me first

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